Reviewed for accuracy November 11, 2022. The Abtenauer is a horse breed of German extraction. An easy trotter, it is particularly graceful and fluid in its movements. Although of average size, the Abtenauer is actually a draft horse and accustomed to pulling heavy loads on mountainous terrain. Unfortunately, the Abtenauer has become a rare breed.[Read More]
Reviewed for accuracy December 13, 2022. The Adaev, short for Aedaevskaya, is a common horse breed best suited riding and labor on small farms. The modern Adaev, however, has found its niche in milk production.[Read More]
Reviewed for accuracy October 27, 2022. The Akhal-Teke, otherwise known as the “Golden Horse” or "horse that sweats blood," is originally from the southern desert region of modern-day Turkmenistan and one of the most ancient horse breeds with a widely disputed history. It is best known for its shimmery coat and outstanding endurance.[Read More]
Reviewed for accuracy November 11, 2022. The Albanian breed is named after its place of origin—Albania. A common horse breed, the Albanian is ideal for riding detail but is also useful in light draft work.[Read More]
Reviewed for accuracy November 11, 2022. Though not technically a breed, the Albino horse is well-recognized because of its white coat and pink skin. In fact, any horse—regardless of its bloodline, ancestry, or size—can be classified as an "albino" if it is born with the distinctive white color. Contrary to what some may believe, it is a common type in the United States.[Read More]
Reviewed for accuracy November 11, 2022. A fairly common horse breed, the Altai is one of the oldest breeds that can be found in Siberia today. It is named after the Altai Mountains where it was reared and cared for by the local nomadic tribes centuries ago. Due to its harsh environment, the Altai is also one of the hardiest breeds that exist today.[Read More]
Alter Real
Reviewed for accuracy November 11, 2022. The Alter Real is a rare horse breed that is originally from Portugal. Its name comes from Alter de Chao, a small town in the southern province of Alentejo, where "Real" means "royal" in Portuguese. Immensely strong and powerfully built, the high-stepping Alter Real is ideal for riding, pulling carriages, and for classic dressage competitions.[Read More]
American Bashkir Curly
Reviewed for accuracy December 8, 2022. The American Bashkir Curly is a horse breed that purportedly originated in central Nevada, though some argue to the contrary. A common U.S. horse breed, it is mainly used for riding purposes today.[Read More]
American Indian Horse
As its name suggests, this breed was established in the mid-20th century to preserve the pedigrees of the American Indian horses. Ironically, this rare breed is not native to America at all; it is descended from horses brought by Spaniards and trained to adapt to the environment. It goes by several names including mustang, cow pony, buffalo horse, and Spanish pony.  [Read More]
American Miniature Horse
Reviewed for accuracy December 8, 2022. The American Miniature is a unique yet common horse breed in the United States. Although its proportions conform to current standards, it is distinctively small. Nevertheless, it is still used for several disciplines including jumping, driving, and halter.[Read More]
American Mustang
When people think of the Wild West, they often conjure up ideas of cowboys, Indians, saloons, and poker. But ask someone about horses in the Wild West and the American Mustang will probably come to mind. Originally of Spanish decent, this horse breed was formally established in North America and took on the role of the quintessential muscular, athletic horse for United States riders.[Read More]
American Paint Horse
The American Paint Horse is a breed highly valued for its color and markings, but it is also a favorite because of its unique refinement and intelligence. Its current popularity notwithstanding, the Paint Horse has long been used in performance competitions as a show horse.[Read More]
American Quarter Horse
The American Quarter is a race horse, pleasure horse, and cow horse (or a horse that is able to round up cattle) all wrapped into one. Once thought of as an exclusive short-distance racer, it has proven itself through the years as both multitalented and dependable.[Read More]
American Saddlebred
Reviewed for accuracy September 21, 2022. The American Saddlebred, or “the horse America made,” is the world’s most beautiful horse, at least according to its admirers. So named on account of its great suitability for riding, the breed is also famous because of its high-stepping gait and cordial nature. An ideal driving and leisure riding horse, the American Saddlebred has even been used as a cow, parade, and plantation horse, as well as an army officer's charger.[Read More]
American Shetland
The American Shetland is a horse breed from the United States, used mainly for riding and for driving carriages. Its small stature makes it an ideal ride for children, while its great form makes it ideal for horse competitions. The American Shetland’s maximum height is 11.5 hands (46 inches), although there are other show class divisions that allow for variance in build.American Shetland ponies are most often used for breeding and performance, for harness work, and as children's pets. They [Read More]
American Walking Pony
The American Walking Pony is a seven-gaited riding pony that is common in the United States . A result of the mating between a full-size horse and a pony-sized horse, it is often entered in horse shows and competitions.   [Read More]
The Anadolu is part of the larger Turkish breed of horses. A relatively small horse, it is most often found in Turkey and is generally used as a riding and pack horse.   [Read More]
Reviewed for accuracy December 8, 2022. Officially known as the Purebred Spanish Horse, the Andalusian originated in Spain (specifically Andalusia) centuries ago. The Andalusian, partly as a result of Spanish colonization efforts, has been greatly responsible for  improving the stock of several horse breeds worldwide.[Read More]
The Andean is a common horse breed from Peru . It is mainly used as a riding and pack horse. The fully-grown animal is small, especially when compared to the Andalusian.   [Read More]
The Anglo-Kabarda is a unique breed established in Caucasus, formerly a part of the Soviet Union, when an English stallion was crossed with a Russian mare. Despite its large size, the Anglo-Karbarda is capable of navigating mountainous terrain. However, it is most commonly used for riding and equestrian sports. [Read More]
The Appaloosa is a full-size horse breed that originated from the United States. This is one of the most colorful and ancient horse breeds in the world, used mainly as a mount or riding horse.[Read More]
The AraAppaloosa is primarily a riding horse and that is used for leisure activities. A common horse breed, it is especially populous in its place of origin, the United States .   [Read More]
Originating from Turkey, the Araba is mainly bred and used for riding and for pulling carriages. In fact its name, Araba, literally means "horse wheel carriage."   [Read More]
Arab (or Arabian) Horse
Sometimes referred to as the Arabian, the Arab is one of the most influential and respected horse breeds. It is greatly admired for its intelligence, spirit, stamina, and refined profile. Although it may not be the stock from which all other horse breeds originated, the Arab has been used in many breeding programs to improve the genetic pool of other horse breeds.[Read More]
Argentine Criollo
Reviewed for accuracy December 13, 2022. The Argentine Criollo is a small, muscular horse breed that originated in Argentina. Known for its great stamina and capacity for hard work, the Argentine Criollo needs little care and is even resistant to some of the more common horse illnesses.[Read More]
Argentine Polo Pony
Reviewed for accuracy December 13, 2022. The Argentine Polo Pony, as its name implies, originated in Argentina and is mainly used for polo, an ancient equine sport developed in the Orient over two thousand years ago. While not technically a breed, the Argentine Polo Pony is very common, which is directly attributed to the popularity of the sport of polo.[Read More]
Assateague (and Chincoteague)
Reviewed for accuracy December 13, 2022. The Assateague and Chincoteague are two rare U.S. horse breeds, both of which are nearly identical in physical attributes and characteristics. They also inhabit the same island of Assateague off the coast of Virginia and Maryland, although each herd is divided by a fence separating the two states. The National Park Service oversees the Assateague herd residing on the Maryland half of the island, while the Chincoteague live in Virginia and are manage[Read More]
The Asturian, a rare breed of horse found mainly in Northern Spain and particularly in the Asturias and in Galicia, is a popular choice among horse breeders for packing and riding purposes. Recently, the breed has come close to extinction but associations were formed for its protection.   [Read More]
Australian Pony
The Australian Pony is acknowledged as one of the best pony breeds in the world. Its breeding was carefully planned and engineered for over a century, ensuring a mixture of all the desirable traits of several pony breeds.    [Read More]
Australian Stock Horse
The Australian Stock Horse, once called a Waler, is actually a riding horse. But throughout history, this horse has been used mainly for work rather than riding. It’s good for both purposes, and is quite a common breed.   [Read More]